Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey

With the strategic geographical location of Turkey which is a kind of passing point between Asian and European continents attracts lots of attention from the European countries, the Gulf countries and North Africa. However, its geographical location is not just or main reason of its leading position in the field of hair transplant. Hair Transplant Turkey has been the primary choice of the people for a long time. There are many reasons for that. We can mainly list like successful Aesthetic Surgeons, successful studies in Health Tourism, all-inclusive packages, affordable prices according to Europe and the Middle East, and the latest technology to be followed continuously.

 Turkey is one of the few countries around the world where all health services are provided to all members of society under the state guarantee. In this case, lots of hospitals are opened throughout the years in all around Turkey and that let hiring thousands of doctors to work in those hospitals. Naturally, the medical practices have been quite developed at the level of university and practices in Turkey. Related to that, mentioning a statistic would help us to figure out the studies in the medical field in Turkey that there are 150 doctors per 100 thousand people. Therefore, the number of doctors per capita in high-income level countries, has been reached in Turkey. Therefore, Hair Transplant Turkey is seemed as a best option to have satisfactory results with better prices.

The main reasons why Hair Transplant Turkey is preferred

1. High quality and reasonable price

Hair transplant Turkey, although the cost of treatment is quite affordable the services and offered treatments do not have poor quality. On the contrary, Turkey is the country with the most accredited health institutions by the Joint Commission International (JCI) after United States. It means that it has technical equipment at the international standards, and it provides high standards of the health service with the experienced and expert teams.  Turkey has realized great modernization in its medical infrastructure. Therefore, it performs the most advanced techniques such as ‘Follicular Unit Extraction’ (FUE) technique and the DHI method in hair transplantation, even above the international medical standards.

2. The experience in international services

Traveling to another country for having a treatment is always quite difficult and alarming. However, the counselors who are in touch with the patients in health the institutions in Turkey make the entire process easier for them. The counselors of the patients are always next to the patient during the treatment process, transfer from the airport to the hospital and the hotel. It is also provided an accommodation in the hotel close to the hospital and the translation service. The patients can ask whatever they want in their own language to the counselors and call them whenever they need, and get support in all matters.