FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant surgery is the latest and most advanced method. There is no use of scalpel or staples in this method. Therefore, there is no pain, stitches and scars during and after the procedure.

The technique is based on the extraction of hair follicles from the donor areas which are back and side parts of the head and the transfer those follicular unites to the areas of recipient which seems light hair or baldness by using appropriate and special tools which leads no scars, lines or stitches neither in the donor area nor in the recipient area.

With this method the donor area which is back and side parts of the head is shaved and each individual follicular unit (FU) is extracted directly from donor area by keeping its natural form.

At the receiving are where the planting procedure will be conducted, fine holes are drilled with the micro needle. The direction of the holes is opened in accordance with the direction of hair growth. Then those extracted follicular units are grafted to recipient area one by one.

injerto capilar técnica FUE


  • No pain during the surgery
  • No stitches, scars or marks-
  • It provides a natural appearance because the grafts are spread homogenously.
  • More grafts can be transplanted in same time when it is compared with other techniques        
  • After FUE / DHI hair transplant patients get a fast recovery. It is possible to turn back to their normal/daily life just the day after the operation.
  • Post-operative tissue healing is fast due to the small size of the grooves opened for sowing, and most importantly, a smooth bonding occurs on the skin.
  • There are various potential donor zone options all over the body. It is possible to replace the hair from other parts of the body if it is needed.
  • With the qualified team and the right operation plan, the donor area will not be damaged so that there will be no change in appearance and will be possibility to have multiple operations.


  • FUE hair transplant technique requires hair shaving. In DHI technique, it is enough to shave only the donor area.
  • The main difference is the way of the application of the operation.
  • The recovery period of the DHI hair transplant is slightly shorter than the FUE technique and almost there is no bleeding in the DHI.
  • While the FUE technique is more appropriate way for transplanting to larger area the DHI is the ideal method for implanting frequent. 
  • The FUE hair transplant technique requires hair shaving. In the DHI technique, it is enough to shave only the donor area.
  • The cost of the DHI technique is slightly higher than the FUE method by virtue of the equipment used and more crowded operation team.