Frequently asked questions

Wherever you live you can contact with us to get free consultation and schedule your appointment.

We are here to inform you about your case honestly. It is a free consultation. You are supposed to send us your pictures and inform us about your medical history. Then we will let you know whether your situation is appropriate for a hair transplant or not, if yes, which method is better and how many sessions are needed in your case.

Yes, our hair transplant and hair treatment services are provided for women

No, there is no partnership with any insurance company.

Our hair transplant services including hotel accommodation, airport pick-up and drop-off services, transfers from hotel to clinic or vice versa, translators, flight tickets (if it is demanded)

In order to complete a hair transplant procedure it is enough to stay 2 nights. However, if you like to expand that time for touristic purpose, we can arrange it for you how you like. (highly recommended)

Each person over 18 years old can have the hair plant operation.

It is not recommended to shave your hair before the operation. Accordingly, your doctor would be able to get more information about your hair loss condition during consultation session.

You should avoid smoking, alcohol, all medical drugs (which thin your blood) before the operation.

We can extract follicles from your chest.

It is recommended to contact with your doctor who you regularly visit firstly and then inform him/her about all the hair transplant process you are planning to have. According to his/her consultation you may stop using your drugs temporarily if it is need temporarily. You are also supposed to inform us about your current health condition and the medications (if any) that you are taking.

No. It is a painless procedure. The operation is performed under local anesthesia so that you don’t feel any pain. During the operation, you can enjoy your time by listening music, watching TV.

The hair transplant procedure is performed under local anesthesia so that there is almost no risk and complication. However, in case of that there are any obstacle for undergoing to the operation, any allergy or regularly used medication you are supposed to inform us about all of them before the operation.

It depends on the operational plan. In general it takes between 4-8 hours.

Yes. The whole hair transplant procedure undergo local anesthesia.

Whole grafts are extracted carefully from donor area and then preserved in special solution and kept in cooling process.

Depending on case, 20/25 days after the operation you may your haircut with scissor. However, razor-shaving should be avoided. It might be harmful.

 It is recommended to wait at least 6 months to dye your hair.

At first, you should follow all the instructions that we will share with you. It plays key role in recovery and growing process. You may feel swelling and a little pain right after the procedure. It is normal. You may take painkillers with the permission of doctor if there is needed. For first 15 days you should follow our instructions about how to wash your hair and care for your head. 

For the first three days you should avoid from activities and situations such as such as smoking, alcohol, heavy works, gym or sports, stress. The implanted area should be protected from sun for the 1-2 months.

Antibiotics will be used for a week and will be prescribed. If there is needed the pain killers might be used.

After the hair transplant procedure, the patient should lie on his back for 2 weeks.

Just after the hair transplant procedure you can return to your daily life by taking into the post-operative instructions into consideration.

No. The recovery period works fast in the FUE / DHI technique. Therefore, after 15-20 days your appearance would be completely normal.

Yes. Depending on a patient small lesions like pimples rarely can be seen on transplanted area in first 2-3 months just after the operation. Usually they disappear on their own. Therefore, there is no treatment needed generally. Just in case, if you would like to get more information in this situation, you may contact with your doctor to get necessary instructions.

If the surgical design allows that, you may do but it is not usually possible to wear a hat without risking these grafted areas.Therefore, you should not wear anything up to 2 weeks. After this period, you may contact with your doctor to get advice.

Yes. There is no problem to have air travel after the operation.

Between 6-8 months is recommended for the area where hair transplantation has not been performed.

Within first 2 – 2,5 months you will experience shedding of the implanted grown hair. This is defined as ‘shock hair loss’.  Depending on a patient the amount and starting period of shedding of hair changes.  After this period, the growth rate will increase especially between 4-6th month and by the 6th month the first results can be observed around %75 percent. The final result of the hair transplant operation can be observed between 12 and 18 months.

If the operation is performed by a professional team, the answer is no. Because the grafts which are taken from between two ears above the nape from the back head are strong against hair loss genetically. Hair loss is not seem in the area forever.

However, if hair loss is progressive, more transplants may be needed in the future.

The exact results can be seen between 12-18 months. However, hairs start to really shows themselves 4-6 months.

No. There is no permanent scar occurred.

No. We extract hair with its root. Therefore, hairs that are obtained from donor zone would not come out in donor area again.

Your hair transplant procedure will be performed according to your natural directions of your hairs. Therefore, after your hairs grown up you will have completely exactly natural appearance.

Your hair transplant procedure will be performed according to your natural directions of your hairs. Therefore, after your hairs grown up you will have completely exactly natural appearance.