Dhi Hair Transplant Turkey

Dhi Hair Transplant Turkey

In the hair transplant procedure, the frequent and healthy hair follicles in the upper part of the nape and between the two ears that are genetically non-shedding, are taken under local anesthesia and transplanted to the recipient area by the expert team. It is a process of transplanting one by one in the recipient area. In DHI method, the main mentality is same. However, because of technical difference dhi hair transplant Turkey is one of the main concept that is demanded highly from all over the world.

Mainly in dhi hair transplant Turkey, we transplant your current hair (extracted from donor zone) permanently to the area where you have shed hair. DHI hair transplant Turkey is applied to patients in a modern, comfortable and medical way. Thanks to this method, the strong and permanent hairs are transplanted to the recipient area of the patient.

Dhi hair transplant Turkey is different than th FUE tecnique in Turkey

DHI hair transplant surgery is the latest and one of the most advanced method. It can be said that it is a kind of variation of the FUE technique. Unlike FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique after the grafts are extracted from the donor zone there is no need to create the channels to start transplanting process. Because they can be directly embedded into the receipt areas via utilizing an implanter (choi) pen that features a hollow needle connected to a tub and plunger device.

Graft collection is method is same with the FUE method but the implanting procedure is quite different. In other words, the main difference that distinguishes the DHI from the FUE technique is using of a special pen which is called Choi pen during implanting process. In addition, unlike other methods in the DHI method, there is no need to shave hair to the planting area. The advantage of unshaved hair transplantation makes DHI more preferred especially by the ones who do not want to shave the donor zone.

Thanks to dhi hair transplant Turkey, our patients have strong hairs that grow healthy. There is no risk of falling transplanted hair. Your hair grow in a healthy way and it will be possible to use it in any form depends on your taste.