• It is not recommended to shave your hair before the operation. Accordingly, your doctor would be able to get more information about your hair loss condition during consultation session.
  • It is recommended to contact with your doctor who you regularly visit firstly and then inform him/her about all the hair transplant process you are planning to have. According to his/her consultation you may stop using your drugs temporarily if it is need temporarily. You are also supposed to inform us about your current health condition and the medications (if any) that you are taking.
  • You should avoid smoking, alcohol, all medical drugs (which thin your blood) before the operation.
  • Take a shower.
  • Take care of your personal hygiene before the operation.  
  • Come to operation with a full stomach.  
  • Rest well before the operation day.
  •  In the operation day, we recommend you to dress comfortable when coming for hair transplantation.