• Protect your head from trauma shock on the day that the hair plantation is made.
  • You may lie down on your back after the hairtransplantation. There won’t be pain in your neck. 
  • Owing to dressing proceeding there is no bleeding, swelling and bruising will be seen.
  • The headband that is put after the transplant should not be removed until the washing day (day 3).
  • Within 3 days following the hair transplantation you should avoid sexual intercourse.
  • It is not recommended keep standing too much within 2 days following the hair transplant process and it is better to have a rest.
  • It is better to choose easily removable and comfortable clothes for the following week after the hair transplant procedure. (Ex: zippered or shirt-style dresses that provide convenience to you)


  • Make sure that you wash your hair with suggestted Lotion and suggested  Shampoo every day from the third day.
  • The first 15 days absolutely use the hat which will be given to you with the aim of using in open areas for the protection of your head from sun’s rays and dust.
  • Stay away from sea, saunas, spa, such places like those and any activities performed there for the first 15 days,


  • You can wash your hair at home in the 3rd day of hair transplantation process.
  • For the first 15 days, put plenty of lotion (which is given to you) to the transplanted area and neck once or twice in a day and wait for 45-60 minutes. Then you can wash with shampoo after cleaning lotion under non-pressurized water.
  • Regular washing can be done in the neck area. However, you should wash the transplanted area with the soft movements.
  • Do NOT rub when washing.
  • Wash your hair with plenty of water. The entire shell in the transplanted area and in your neck should fall within a week. There is no need to worry if there is mild redness on your skin. They are temporary.
  • Take humidity with a towel without rubbing motion.
  • Dry your hair using the cold weather mode of your dryer.
  • Never use hair care products like hair spray, gel etc. for the first 15 days.